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The most space, speed and precision. The B 880 boasts many cutting-edge features developed by a team of experts in Switzerland. It's state-of-the-art technology combined with Swiss craftsmanship. The unprecedented functions and innovative features are designed with the sewist, quilter and embroiderer in mind.

bernina 880

The BSR is designed to assist you in mastering free-motion techniques by keeping stitches consistent at variable sewing speeds. The BSR offers confidence for the beginner and additional assurance for the experienced quilter. Standard with the B 880, the BSR provides high-speed free-motion stitching assistance with both the straight and zigzag stitch options.

Extended Freearm The B 880 includes a meticulously engineered extended freearm area with a full 12 inches of space to the right of the needle and five inches in height. With this extralarge area, you’ll have the added benefit of a jumbo embroidery field, an extended space to expand your creativity.

Exclusive! Jumbo Bobbin
The unique jumbo bobbin featured on the B 880 offers up to 80% more thread capacity and pops in and out at the touch of a finger. That means fewer interruptions, fewer stops to wind your bobbin and a lot more time to set your imagination free.

Exclusive! BERNINA Dual Feed
Optimum visibility. Superb maneuverability. The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed tames hard-to-manage fabrics. It’s easy to engage when needed and tucks completely out of the way when it’s not.

Fully automatic Features Imagine a machine that automatically responds to your needs. The presser foot automatically lowers at the start of a seam and lifts again at the end. The B 880 will even cut the thread for you at the end of a seam or color change in embroidery. The feed dog raises and lowers automatically for free-motion stitching and embroidery. And of course, fully automatic threading is yours at the touch of a button.


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