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Bernina Overlocker Product Range

Three good reasons to get a Bernina Overlocker:

  1. Well suited for modern elastic materials, Bernina overlockers cut, sew and trim all modern woven fabrics, hoisiery and knitted goods perfectly in one operation - from muslin and lyrca to thick fleece fabrics

  2. Hard - wearing seams and edgings. For hard wearing yet stretchable elastic materials several sewing threads are intertwined - in contast with the sewing machine. Seam strenght and precision are then of patricular importance. Bernina Overlockers offer decisvie advantages for sewing elastic materials, They are therefore practically indispensable for trendy, innovative textile processing

  3. Easy to operate with wide range of optional accessories. The ingenius operating concept and the simple lay-in system makes overlocking time- saving and easy with Bernina Overlockers.
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